Beauty pageants such as Miss Universe, Miss World and others provide charities and financial aid to different causes and promote diversity. However, some groups think that beauty pageants degrade women, children and even men. 

Do you think beauty pageants embarrass women or any contestants? Do you think their platforms really provide changes to the society? Please share your rational opinion below. Thanks!


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  • Hi Robbie,
    I don't like such events and have never followed them although I'm not against it, I don't think there's any denigration but business.
  • Thank you Risty for sharing your thoughts about this topic.

  • Hello Kuya Rob, nice to see you again.

    At first glance, you may feel proud that you’ve got a representative to any of those events, your excitement will elevate once your candidate made it at least to top 5, and it’s a mind-blowing scene to know that your “Miss” won the crown. Well, we are familiar with this, no offense meant but we gained so much beauty titles. However, in my opinion, does it really help? Does it make a phenomenal change to this world aside from historical events update and silent as hill charitable events, or maybe it’s just I don’t have a chance to witness any of their good-works-events because I didn’t come from elite society or I’m not too poor to receive their kindness?

    Aside from this, a part of me is telling that this beauty-beauty contest degrades women because they established their standards of beauty, wherein most of the candidates came from mixed cultures, they are no longer pure. Standards of intelligence, wherein, almost everything there were scripted, even the answers to those questions, the “manager” or “advisers” will give random questions and you should have a “general answer” so you can possibly connect that to any question.

    I don’t want to sound pessimistic but I think most of them portrays a fake image, they play the image that the viewers want them to be. The epitome of beauty. C’mon!

    Not to mention those who are allowed to use the help of an interpreter and those who are not, that’s another issue.

    Thanks for opening this topic.

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