Hajj (pilgrimage) is on the ninth of the month of Thulhijjah which corresponds to the nineteenth of the month of July 2021. It means going to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to visit (kaaba) the grand mosque. Eiduladha is on the tenth of Thulhijjah. People sacrifice sheep, camels, goats, or other animals on this day. Do you always do that at home?

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    Hello Dara,

    I don't sacrify animals, I cannot watch it at all.But it's good that some people sacrify animals and give the meat to the poor.

    • Halet chetore Saba. Some good people do that. Thanks for your nice comment. Sorry for the late reply. 

  • Nope. I wish I could do it next year.

    Thanks for your discussion.

    • Terima kasih kembali mod. Onee Chan. I hope you do that next year. Thanks for your nice comment.

    • Terima kasih kembali, mod. Onee Chan! You are most welcome.

  • Bahut shukriya Mishaikh janab. Thanks for pressing the like button.

  • Yes I do qurbani (sacrify) since I became sahib-e-nisaab (obligatory payer of zakaat (charity), Mashaallah  and Alhamdollilah. 

    Because of the covid protection rest of the world is not allowed to visit for Hajj, but only the natives will be allowed to perform the Hajj.

    • Bahut bahut shukriya Mishaik sahib! I am glad that you are the one who does that for your respected family. It means that you are accustomed to slaughtering the cheap. It is correct that Only the citizens and the residents of Saudi Arabia are allowed to perform Hajj for this year 2021. Thanks, Mr. Mishaikh for your useful comment and sorry for my late reply.    


  • Yes , we do and I am the one responsible for cooking the meat of the Eid since I was a teenager untile now . I always make breakfast for my family and dinner is always made by my mother Allah bless her . Because she knows how to grill the head of the sheep and cooked it better than me .
    🍀 Allah bless all the Muslims everywhere and Happy Eid 🍀

    • Eid saeed luki ya Rosemary!  Greetings to the whole family. Tell them to give us some of their grilles. Thanks for your nice comment.

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