Do you prefer telecommute or commute

With the pandemic, more and more people are working from home instead of going to the office. We don't need to commute to work every day. In the past, If you are not lucky to live close to work, the commute can take hour(s) each way. With telecommuting through internet, we are now saving gas, saving time, reducing traffic problem especially in big cities. It seems like telecommuting will be accepted and preferred by more people. What do you think? Do you also favor telecommuting as I do?

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  • Absolutly yes. Home office is a chance for people from smaller cities or villges. It makes life easier, because it let saving time and money. Posibility of remote work give a chance to work  wherever you are, so you can be at work and spend time on a beach.

  • Thanks for all the comments. Telecommuting might works better for some people than others. I need to admit that I now take the rare opportunity to commute to work for fun. Grocery shopping used to be a boring routine activity now it becomes more enjoyable. I guess that finding the right balance between telecommuting and commuting for yourself could be the best. Stay healthy and stay safe.

  • I don't know about other people everybody is free to think and feel as they like, I respect that.                                                                                                                                                         To work from home for me is like narrowing my horizon. Commuting allows me to change the environment  which  creates will and energy to broaden my paths, while staying home I can only motion in a closed circle which eventually would deplete me of motivation to do anything. I tried to stay home for one month,  for me it wasn't  easy at all. Therefore, I prefer commuting.

  • I'm stady at the university and work on the factory. I prefer telecommuting because it's save my time and energy. I haven't any problems with understanding of lectures, but some  lessons needs commute when we must do practice task. But on my job I can't work telecommute, I must work my hands.

  • Yes, Miya. I do prefer it. This way I see people less.

    • CARAMBA!!!! Are da homo sapiens so awful and disgusting????????????...:-(

    • are not on that list for sure. If everyone were like you I'd fly to the job ))) hhh.. Confessing.

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