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Do you love fashion?

While rushing my way to work, I accidentally bumped into my ex-coworker and I was amazed by her complete transformation. She was fashionable, elegant, confident and oozing with appeal. Way back, she was just an ordinary girl, quiet, timid and wears just a plain and ordinary jeans and shirts. I also noticed how she carries herself. She talks and walks with confidence, articulate and with style. I ask myself, does fashion plays a big role in self-esteem? Is fashion really important? May I know your opinion on this guys. :) :) :) 

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  • Hello, Glosky, a lot of questions...
    yes, clothing has an impact on our self-confidence. Doesn't have to be the latest fashion, though. I prefer to wear my own style. I buy a lot of clothes second hand, and when I was younger I was actually sewing my outfit in the afternoon, and at night I was already dancing in it. XD Well, that was a long time ago. I don't go with the flow, and wear how I feel and what I like. ;)

    Greetings! :)

  • ''Swallow inside''

    Somebody make it into a t-shirt.

  • Hello @Hojin! How are you nowadays? Yeah, some girls becomes completely different when they wear good clothes...but it can't change their inner beings...good clothes is only superficial but character is the most important. Thank you for dropping by on myEC :) 

  • No I don't think so, Only people who are swallow inside may say this thing.

  • yes. I agree completly that the fashion is very important.

    Do you know that how women or girls put on their clothes look like  absolutely different persons.

  • Hi @Rose Iris, well said. I like your phrase "Important is to consider, what we wear should be appropriate for the occasion." Not to elaborate much, but there were some who are not thinking about what to wear on the occasion. 

    Thanks for dropping by :) :) :)

  • Hello @Henrique, thank you for dropping by on my EC. Yeah, dressing well could add up to someone's confidence and feel good effect. But remember, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. 

    Have a nice day ahead. Thanks for dropping by. :) :)

  • "Hello @Zivi, nice to have you here on my EC. I like your phrase "Dress makes people. It implies that the better one´s clothes are the better one feels. Yes, the dress makes people, but it can't make a character. A good dress could lift your self-esteem and confidence but it can't make define you as a person. We earn respect and admiration when we dress well but we are loved by many by putting a sweet smile on our face everyday :) 

  • Hi @Mishaikh! There you go! You hit it! Inner personality or character is the most important. Thank you for dropping by on my myEC :) 

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