When I was diagnosed bipolar after my son studied in 1st grade of elementary school I was shocked. How come? I was always normal, got high GPA and never got bad grades in my education years.

But God made me this way and I should feel thankful coz I know I am special. Just look at Robin Williams, Demi Lovato, Catherine Zetta Zone and Kurt Cobain. They are gifted just like me and I shouldn't feel ashamed. God made me bipolar because it is my life's test. I am a bipolar survivor. I am going to get my scholarship by the time my son passes his senior high school exam in 2 years to come.

I won't explain my up and down mood. I control my mouth so my parents wont get mad with my sharp tongue. My mum is my GPS tracker. She wants to know where I am, who am I go to blablabla.

Despite all of this I am extremely happy no matter how people judge me. Bipolar is a gift not a curse.     

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