The recent situation in Afghanistan and all the other hot spots in the world remind me of a post that I posted here a long time ago.

The question is whether people will ever learn from their own history and what could happen if they never do.


Here you go!


The final fight of humans. (a non-poem)
(written by Rose Iris)


The last tree has lost its last leaf,
and the last dried-up rose lowers its head.
The fountains have no water,
as well as the ponds, creeks, and rivers are empty.
Only fallow fields as far as the eyes can see,
there is no grain, no fruit.
Only abandoned farms and orphaned towns and villages.
Where did the animals and humans go?
There is no child laughter,
and the songs of birds have fallen silent.
The trees stretch their bare branches to the sky,
it looks as if they are begging for water,
but the storm blows the clouds away,
and the sun's glowing heat is absorbing the last drops
before they reach the dusty soil.

It was that big fire what has ruined everything,
the fire of the final fight of humans.

Nobody won.

Everyone lost.

Just a few people survived and found each other.
If you ask for origin, skin color, religion,
it doesn't matter anymore...finally.
All are equal and united in happiness to be alive.
But how to keep alive?

Somewhere, in the middle of this destroyed earth,
a small spring from the deep begins to fill a small pond,
and on its banks sprout the first greens,
a few survived animals have already found this place.

Will the surviving humans find the last oasis
and take their given new chance?
Or will history repeat itself in an eternal circle?

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  • Great pem filled with truth, thank you for sharing it... I think it must find an oasis, otherwise, the circle will become an ending line...


  • Nice to see you around!

  • Hi, Rose, We believe that we can learn from history. We believe that democracy can defeat autarchy and a reign of terror after the World War Ⅱ and the collapse of the USSR. However, democracy doesn't seem to have the power as strong as we expect when we see the present world.

  • History is written by the victors and rewritten to serve plotical ends so ....

    • You are right, Tim, unfortunately.

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