• Thanks Elf for stopping by and posting your opinion.  I agree with you.

  • remembering past sometime give us pain.. but remembering good memory is good..
    living in present is right, and try to be happy in present and make it as good as possible..
    you don't know about tomorrow that what will be happen so leave future on GOD..
    so stay in present, forget about past and hope for tomorrow..
  • Very thoughtful dewi.  Thanks.

  • To me, past is a history there are memories and lesson. Now is adventure and future is not to see , we can plan ... create what kind of future we want but still God have the power to decide it, so to me lives with sincere and do not think to much about future, just fill and pass your days with do and give the best of you and you will get the best.

  • Thanks nechel for participating in the discussion and posting your opinion.  I respect that.

    Thanks again.

  • for me living this life is a mysterious matter, yes many said that we dont have to worry about our future and do not look back of our past yet every single thing we do will become part of our history .
  • It is only possible if we are capable to learn from our mistakes done in the past and mend ourselves for future.

  • Hi dear friend,
    generally I think best situation in the future depends of today.
  • Thanks for posting your view point, Usra.

  • Thanks Anastasia for posting your view point.

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