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Nowadays, learners can acquire different knowledge and information from many different sources. They can get a large amount of information through websites, blog posts or even books. 

Over recent years, there are lots of websites and online sources to get English language by. Many learners have involved in such sites and they mostly learn English or at least they start communicating by using English language. 

The question is  if you want to learn English language would you prefer to have a teacher or just join some online courses? and why?

Note: What I mean by saying online courses is some sets which would be given to a learner, such sets have lots of lessons which may be uploaded in videos or electronic books. (Not like English club "MyEC", English club has some teachers who guide us such as Mrs.Tara.)

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  • Both ways are very important, the website show us a lot of different kinds as text, videos and more but the  teacher is very import because the mistake would be solved in a little tme. Finaly both are import and the teacher for me is very important. 

    • Yes, we need both. If we just wait to the teacher and never seek to get more information, we will stay in our ignorance. Teacher gives hits and tips while we work hard to get knowledge. 

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  • You're welcome and glad to see you here.

    I do agree that some teacher misguide the students either by their shortage or by their thoughts. 

    However, learners prefer to have a tutor to stand by him in his way of learning. 

    You know, learner should join some courses and have teachers to ask them when courses need some clarification. :))

    Thanks for stopping by! 

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    • Yes, Rane. 

      We still need a teacher, we can't ignore his role. :)

      Thanks for dropping by! 

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    • You'er welcome Fumi,

      I agree with the point of enjoying learning. We should work on our vocab and grammar and then br tutored with a helpful teacher. 

      Thanks for stopping by. :)

  • I prefer to have both.............because I am a greedy learner!

    • Nice to read your comment, dear. 

      Great! No wonder for such a great novelist. :D 

      I like both, but I prefer having teachers beside me. I feel more comfortable.

      I like keep asking my teachers, discussing different topics with them, Listening to their eternal advice. Then, I make up my mind and follow the advice which fits me. :)

      I really miss my teachers. :(

  • Valid question, I think the need for a teacher can never be compensated. You have to be genius to pick up something on your own, but there always comes a time when you need some guidance or enlightening. A role of a teacher is to equip us with the necessities and a solid foundation to build upon. A teacher helps us to get along in our journey. We will not be able to understand the whole picture without a teacher.

    • Hello Naveed, thanks for your comprehensive comment. :)

      I do agree. We still in need to our teachers. Therefore, we keep seeking them to guide, tutor, and facilitate us.

      There are many online sources though learners prefer to relay on the ones which provide teachers.

      How much we owe our teacher!

      Happy to read your comment. :)

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