Hello my friends,comrades... I hope you are fine.. If so...lets going on...Today I'm going to talk about Dieting and ask a few questions... and I'm going to request your opinions...Thank you ;

Dieting is a pain, But even though it's a pain , it's incredibly common and fuels a multi-billion dollars industry. If you haven't tried dieting , most of your friends probably have .

So here are some questions about dieting ..enjoy !

What is the craziest diet you've heard of ?      2) What diets have you tried ?  and the last question is    :  Is dieting an effective way to lose weight and keep it off  ?....


Thank you very much... I look forward your comments as soon as possible....

NOTE ; I didnt pen this passage from my own mind. I've pilferaged it from my friend...

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  •    There is that ancient Arabic saying " he has a coat woven by his teeth " an ironical way to describe fatty people . Nevertheless  , it's a critical issue for people today  . No one is eating healthy and fresh food . Our food contains high levels of sugar  , salt and bad fat  . All of these elements  trigger  not only obesity  but more over  chronical illness like diabetes  , high blood pressure  and deadly type of cancers  . 

         " One should eat to live not live to eat " Al Harth  Ben Keldah  a famous arab physician  used  to say that he lived a lot because  he ate and drunk a little   . Dieting is important and as every thing in the world some turn things into a lucrative  business  few only are ready to say the truth 

    • Bravo Dear Rosemary, Bravo...  You must become a Doctor not an English teacher.... Thank you....


  • Hi there! 
    My mother used to undergo crazy diets a lot. She had only a few pounds too much, but she wasn't able to lose them for years despite of horrific diets, like living 14 days of lemon juice only... Then one day her doctor noticed her heart wasn't working correctly. She was send to the hospital the same day. In the hospital they found out she had a chronic kidney disease, and one of her heart valves was dysfunctional. She needed two heart surgeries, and recieved an artificial heart valve. During the first 2 month of dialysis she lost over 20 kg! She looked like shadow of the person she was once, and needed dialysis (4 hours) 4 times a week till her death.

    Why I'm writing this here? Most people already know that temporary diets aren't the right and healthy way to lose weight. Eating habits have to be changed for good. Now, the diet wasn't the reason of her diseases, but before you undergo (crazy) diets get your health checked. Sometimes the reason of overweight is more serious.


    • Hello my dear friend NotAClue....Firts , I'm really sorry for your mother,If she is okay now...No problem...verse , She get well soon...Second. In some cases, Dieting is verfy important  to lose weight, But before dieting need a mecical consultant...I thank you for your replay...


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        • Wonderful,,,   Thank you ...


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