There was a pregnant gazelle and it was her time to deliver her new baby. Unfortunately, there was a lion approaching to devour her. A hunter from the other side is aiming at her. A  fire started in the wood and in front of her, there was the sea.

She was laboring, and we know the pains of childbirth. What should she do? The danger was coming from all the directions. She decided to deliver her baby in the same place.

Suddenly, there was a big thunder, and it started to rain. The hands of the hunter shook and his bullet missed the gazelle and killed the lion. The rain quenched the flames of that fire and she delivered her baby safely.

Any messages from that short story?

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  • That is nice quoted story. God " Allah almighty" is only the one who says for something to be and it will be no matter what. Thanks for the good one and keep going.

  • Danyavaad Zaibi! Dear Zaibi, I agree, it is a nostalgic reminiscence. We always love our childhood. I guess faith plays an important role here. Thanks for your nice words. 

  • Asante sana Salma Ibrahim! Thank you very much, teacher Salma for your nice comment. As long as we live, we must put that hope of being good and well in the future. Of course, we have to translate that hope by some pragmatic deeds. I am glad that I have given you some hope. Thanks again Salma for your nice comment.  

  • Shookrun ya Amani! Thanks for pressing the like button. I really hope to be one of your friends. 

  • This reminds me the story that i read in my childhood when i was in school. You can say more of it was faith, beleive or the situation was evident. We beleive beside, even taking  all measures any thing can happen at any time. Thanks for sharing ur words with us. 

  • Thank you for this wonderful post Dara! You just gave me some hope that things will be fine. :)

    Welcome back and keep writing. 

  • Maraming salamat Chu! Thanks, Chu for your comment on Delivery. 

  • GOD works in mysterious way 

  • Sante sana Salma Ibrahim! Thanks for pressing the like button. 

  • Thanks, Ocean for pressing the like button of  Deliver. 

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