• Haas Avocadoes are the most popular here and they are a large avocado.  Avocadoes are considered a "super" food because it is so good for your health BUT it also has a high fat content so eating too many could add weight (that could be good or bad depending on your desire to gain weight or not).

  • Avocado juice is the most preferable! Sometimes I like it as a salad dressing for its creamy and smooth texture :)))

    • wow, I will try them as your idea. Maybe creamy and smooth texture will be good for salad dressing. :)

  • yes i love it with egg in breakfast :)

    • hadeel  I love them when they have just been mixed with cow milk. :)

  • Avocado is one of my favorite fruits, I like it a lot. In Vietnam,  there is a specific avocado named Dak Lak?

    Here, almost all of alvocado  look similar for me. 

    • Tamo , Dak Lak Booth Avocado Fruits is the best fruit that I have tried them.

      Booth is a name of Avocado Fruits. Dak Lak is a provine of VietNam. It is located in Vietnam's Central Highlands and is home to quite a few indigenous ethnic minorities, such as the Rade, the Jarai and the Mnong, among others. :)

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