Let me give you an example. For instance two persons who are convicted of stealing one did it because he needs money for his kid's surgery but the other one had no need for money or at least didn't have enough reason. Now my question is that should we give them the same penalty or they should get diffrent punishments?

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  • Well, I have always admired Hugo's masterpiece, Les Misreables. Sometimes crime does pay. Therefore, my answer is yes.

  • Nope...

       ..justifying our wrongdoing is uglier than sin itself

    • Dear Mister Green, thanks for your nice comment.
  • According to Kant and as I read it to some of you, both should receive the same treatment... Well what do we expect to punish all the soldiers who kill in the name of the country, all the executioners who kill in the name of the law. Problem : there is neither good or bad in this world, just what is against the law or not. Good and bad are subjective notion often dictated by religion or law. And the law is written by the winners, often rich people, whith quit life and relative needs, who only want to protect their own possessions. The inequality of life explains that people are different and that they all have different needs, so our judgements should not be the same for all the same type of crimes. People have their own history that makes them different and unique. We are not robot so anybody endowed with feelings and pity should not judge these two guys in the same way. The law is not objective, it should not claim to be so.
    • Hi Julien, I think you're right, for this reason we need rules universally accepted, we need a reference point, that is to say, everyone will know the consequences of a bad behaviour, the serious consequences!

    • Dear Julien, thanks for your nice comment. Indeed it is so complicated but I do agree that in order to a society to be run well everybody must obey the rules.
  • Dear Chitra, thanks for dropping your comment.
  • Hi, in my opinion, I say that rules in our lives are important, but we can't judge someone without living his or her experience, it would be too easy! In the same time I say that living following rules has become very difficult because it is the hardest way.

    • Dear Elena, thanks for your comment.
  • Dear Maya, thanks for your comment. You are right they must be punished but i asked whether you consider those facts when you want to sentence them or you would give them the same punishment?

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