Corona and the media

Rumors on the news or on the media, specially the platforms for the social media  give more worry than coronavirus. The false, or uncertain news make you worry or in doubt. If the tip or the information come from a specialist, it  is OK. Can we do something about it? 

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    • Kamu gakeen Fizzy? Daily, I listen to them. I hope they tell us the truth. Thanks, Fizzh

  • At this stage we must adhere to the instructions being given the government and the experts on reliable local channel and don't pay attention to remedial tips for this virus being shared on social media 

    • Bahut bahut shukriya Arif janab! I guess we have to abide by the rules. The same was said by the lady forms Thessaloneeki, Anastasia. Arif, they say that there is no smoke without fire. It is better as you and Anastasia mentioned. Thanks for your nice comment on the media topic and Coronavirus. 

  • Dear Dara,

    In my opinion we must trust only the doctors' advices . When we will survive this dangerous and crucial situation  we would be wiser and ready to make

    conclusions. For the time being just ignore the  uncertain news and take care of yourself and your loved ones.Follow the healthy rules and stay at home.

    • Ifgaristo Anastasia! People who know or rather shall we say scientists, they are important and approved source of information.  We stay at home from seven to six in the morning. We have a few hours to collect food, water, and other necessary items. Thanks, Ana for your nice comment. 

  • It makes peope with little knowledge of it easy to get panic. Most uneducated people have no ideas what is meant by reliable sources. Media is playing in every aspect of walking life of people. 

    • Wo ai ni Aung Lwin Oo. We have to know about it. Education is necessary these days. Some old women started to learn how to use the cell phone so as to chat with their grandsons and granddaughters in remote areas. Thanks, Aung for your nice comment. 


  • Dear Dara, for my own experience these days I prefer being guilty for excessive measures than being an incredulous (seeing is believing)
    I've seen things that took for granted that would never happen again or scary happenings almost comparable to our civil war few less than a century ago. The virus does kill and the virus can put a whole country in check.    Let's take it seriously.

    • Estar segura senior Estanis. I agree with you Mr. Estanis. I just wanted to say that we have to make sure that it is a fact. I mean what he writes or posts should be from an authorized source. Thanks, my dear good friend. 

  • NOTE: Do not follow the NEWS!
    Just stay at home if you can and wash your hands... and never touch your face.

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