Corona and the media

Rumors on the news or on the media, specially the platforms for the social media  give more worry than coronavirus. The false, or uncertain news make you worry or in doubt. If the tip or the information come from a specialist, it  is OK. Can we do something about it? 

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  • Hi Dara Gino, I think we cannot control other people's actions, but fortunately we can control our own. If in doubt,  it is a human  duty to use own mind, question and scan for finding the  truth which too often is hidden between the lines.  

    • Arigato Helen S. I agree with you, my respected lady. We have to use our minds and common sense to judge. The matter is said while you are resting or having a vacation of some sort. You are unaware of the news. Some people say the same thing, others do not. You do not know what to do.  The truth is hidden between the lines. Thanks, Helen for your ideas. 

  • May I add a couple of corrections?  First, we use "news" as a non-count noun, so we would say that the news "makes" (you worry). Second, the phrase is "to be in doubt", so you would need to say " . . . news makes you worry or be in doubt."  Third, when we use "or" as a connector, we use a singular verb.  So you would need to say, "If the tip or the information comes . . ."  (Please ignore this if you don't like corrections!--no offense intended!)

    • Merci Catherine! The predicate of the verb "give" is the word "platforms" which is a plural form). On the other hand, (information) is an uncountable noun. I agree with you that the word "news" is a plural in form and its construction is singular. Of course, it is often atributive. That was why I didn't add the "s" to the end of the verb "make". Nevertheless, thanks for the correction. Is it possible to be one of your friends? 

      • Maybe is the following sentence more correct?

        Rumors on the news or media, especially on social media platforms, make us more concerned/worried than the Coronavirus itself.

        Why? Neither the news nor the media make us concerned/worried. The rumors make it, at least in your sentence, Dara, don't they?


        • Guten morgen Rose! "Rumors" and "platforms" are in the predicate case for the verb "give". My mistake is in the subject "news" of the verb "make". As you mentioned, they are like fire eating wood. Thanks, Rose for your comment. 

  • Unfortunatly, media platforms have played an outstanding role in making terror of corona virus. People follow many platforms which they read news on, and they believe it regardeless the authinticity of it.

    • Mumnoon ya Abdulaleem! Remember, (if someone brings you information, make sure of it) Thanks, Abdulaleem for your comment on That topic. 

  • Thanks, Mr. Essberger for pressing the like button. 

  • just follow the WHO... all info is true.


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