Connection Issue

I need some assistance. When I try to connect to certain subject blogs I get a message which reads:

"Your Connection is not Private"

So, How do I make it private. I have searched "My Page" but I cannot seem how to solve the issue.

Can anybody help please?....... Barnaby

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  • Hey there,

    I see nobody replied your discussion Barnaby Kyte... It seems the 'Technical Help Discussion Forum' is super efficient here:P

    I don't really know why sometimes happens that problem you mention, but it happened to me as well, along with other technical problems that, as far as I know, have to do with the platform Ning (like slow loading or not loading the site at all)

    Anyway, here you can read a possible solution for that problem:

    (it doesn't work always, but most of the times)

    If that doesn't work, you can only try patience...

    Barnaby Kyte's Page
    Barnaby Kyte's Page on MyEnglishClub
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