• I have just started commenting on here, usually I comment on YouTube videos and other social media platforms... I think it doesn't take me too long to post my comment when I know what I want to say and when am anonymous ... However, sometimes if the topic been discussed is sensitive to others... It takes me too long to say the truth without sounding offensive to others which is time consuming 

  • The main factor is I can't find easily topics that are equally interesting, easy to answer and worth answering. :P 
    So most of the time I just browse and read...  

    When I've found something it usually takes 2-20 minutes to answer. Or even longer... I'm tired at this time of the day, and my ability to concentrate is really baaaaaad.

    Greetings! :)

    • Not bad!

      20 minutes it's okay. I remember, one time I spent more than one hour, just to draw a picture for my comment.

      1234 am - no wonder. Some people say, mysterious things can happen at that time :D

  • /me : thinking about to comment this comment section..

    /me : still thinking and re-read

    /me : still dont know how to comment


    conclusion its takes me a while sometimes as i am not good with commenting ^^

  • Thank you for  this topic ! 

    let's follow a flowchart :

    " Am I interested in Blogs , on the topic  and ... ? "  If NO then: END 

     If YES  then : " Do I  have any idea to shoot as a comment or not? "  if NO   then: END

    if YES then :  "Do I  have such ability in English to be able to  write  that comment or not? "  If NO then :END 

    If YES  then: " Do I have enough time  to  be able to spend for writing the comments? "  If NO then: END 

    If YES  then : " Can it be cause for a kind of expectation for other blogerers to have  such comments or not ? " If yes    then " I should think and decide wisely "  

    If NO then : " other factors " 

  • Thank you, Fernando Johnson!

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  • :D I think, everyone likes to click LIKE button from time to time.

    But I don't like to click that button so often :)

    Anyway, thank you, Marshaa!

  • Hi, Tam!

    What if there are 5-6 comments "Nice blog" in a row, before your comment? Will you add one more "nice blog" or you not always read the comments?

    • I will add "Nice blog" in a row, or just click LIKE button. To be honest, in that case, I just can't think of any other proper comments. :D

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