• It will be a more different Christmas than all those we celebrated a few years ago. People are tired and afraid. Family gatherings are not a certainty this year. Some of them if the weather is not cold will go outside or some others will choose to stay at home like any other typical day exchanging their wishes through a mobile or a personal computer.The most important thing is to remember the spirit of these holy days of sharing and helping people in need.

    • kali fronia Anasatasia! Yes, I agree with you, my dear good friend. It won't be like before. We are all tired and afraid. Our enemy is unseen. Nevertheless, it attacks our respiratory system and it is very severe on us. I really appreciate your nice words about helping those in need. Thanks,  Ana, and happy new year. 

    • Kala Christogena Anna! Merry Christmas to you and your respected family. As you said, it is different this time. We hope by the coming of twenty twenty, everything will come back to normal. Thanks for your nice comment.

  • Oi there, folks

      Yes, this time I think that celebrating Christmas will be diametrically different from the times before the pandemy broke out. If we do gather our family and friends to celebrate Christmas, we shall have fear crawling down our spines: the feeling that we are putting each other at risk by being so close to our beloved ones, the mood of joy and bliss will be disrupted.

    • Jeinki Rysperski! In some countries, coronavirus is fading and the number of cases is diminishing. I wonder if they will be able to celebrate Christmas like before! We hope this pandemic will go away and leave us in peace. It changed our behaviors and our way of living. Thanks, Rys for your nice comment. 

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