Hello. I just watched this video: National Geographic Live! : Too Young to Wed and want to know your opinion.

In this video you will see many female children that are forced to marry in very young age, between 9 (or even younger and before they reach puberty) to 13 years old, and the men who will be their husbands are much older, 30's, 40's or even more. These girls suffer and many of them have tried to commit suicide.

Do you think this horrible thing is cultural or religious matter?

Thanks beforehand.

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  • It's both cultural and religious according to the faithful of one particular religion.
    They claim it's the culture of the people of the 7th century from a particular part of the world to marry girls as young as 6 years old by men that could be the age of their great-grandfathers. It's also religious because their prophet married a 6 years old child when he was a 53 years OLD MAN. (Remember... he is not an ordinary man but a prophet of 'god'. Why didn't he know it's wrong to marry a child?)  The joke is he was not a young boy, teenager or adult but OLD MAN. He was already married to two women before marrying the child. He also married many other women after marrying the child. He had 11 to 13 wives in total. He also slept with his female servant. They claim he is the perfect man to walk on planet earth and a role model to mankind. Really? 

  • Hi,I think that's a horrible thing...

    1. Our grandfhathers used to marry In very young age,..and so their ancestors (even the bridegroom may be young either...

    2. but then their mentality and morphology was deffrent compared to us now days,where the man reach puberty in 9 or 11 years old

    3. In many countries of the 3rd world,in poor countries some tribesmen still force their children married at an early age under the concept of their ancestors.

  • Thank you for your comment, Deepa. Culture is really different from country to country, place to place. In my country and other muslim ones, the one who should give the dowry is the bridegroom.

    So do you think this practice can be eradicated in the future? Really I feel pity of these girls. They are too young to marry. They even don't know what is a marriage all about. They can't imagine what they are facing and will face. Poor girls.

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