Change A Letter - GAME

Another game just for fun:

Make a completely new word by CHANGING ONE LETTER in the previous word.


- I say STARS

- The next person posting can say START changing the S to a T

- The next person changes it to SMART changing the T to an M, etc...

You can muddle up the letters as much as you wish but remember to change ONLY ONE LETTER. Any new word has to be a real word --don't make up words, even if it could be fun too :P   Also, don't repeat other words said by other people before, and once there're no more new options for a word or nothing at all comes to your mind with the word provided, you can give a new word to play with.

Your started word is:


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  • Glossary of some words (V)

    Pouch: Small bag / mail bag / kangaroo's skin fold for baby
    Vouch: Give support / defend, corroborate
    Tough: Hard to break, chew, cut / (person) strong / harsh, difficult
    Dough: bread mixture / pastry or biscuit mixture / (slang) money
    Hough: Variant spelling of hock (a joint of meat consisting of the part extending from the hock some way up the leg) / (archaic) Disable (a person or animal) by cutting the hamstrings --- Ugh... what a word to learn ¬¬
    Rough: Abrasive / uneven / violent / rude / turbulent / disorderly / (informal) thug ...
    Ghoul: Mythical demon
    Bough: large tree branch
    Lough: (Irish) Lake
    Ought: Should
    Aught: (archaic) Anything, all
    Saugh: (Scot. and North England) Sallow

  • Onee, yup, you read my mind :)
    That's what I wanted to suggest, but maybe is better if we start the game again in another discussion. I also think is a good time for closing this one since Mishaikh also repeated an already said word (which means we did a too long thread of words to remember which ones were already said!)

    Thank you all for playing! ^_^

  • OK onee here is the definition to my word:
    1. an evil spirit or phantom, especially one supposed to rob graves and feed on dead bodies.
      • a person morbidly interested in death or disaster.
        Image result
  • I would suggest if players define EACH word they write....based on dictionary or not.... I think Princess Mary knows the reason....)))))


    • GHOUL -> BOUGH


    • LOUGH>>>>OUGHT


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