Hey, Guys,

I had an interesting dream last week, the dream was about hand walking. Well, I saw my self, standing balanced on my hands, it was heavy at the beginning, but then I started to walk on my hands.


After that, Now days, I am trying to stand balanced on my hands, also I want to fulfill my dream, I want to walk on my hands! Call me crazy, or even silly, I don't care, I want to do it as fast as I could.


I have seen many videos on Youtube,  and I got the right steps:

1- Put your hands on the floor before raising your legs.

2- When putting your hands to stand on, you have to open wide your fingers.

3- Make the hands equal to your shoulders , do not widening it too much, then you will fall.

4- Raise one leg first then the other one.

5- Make them both close to each others to be balanced.

6-don't look at the ground when standing.


You can straighten your legs, or you can bend them.


If you can stand balanced then you can then walk easily!



The main two challenges to you are

1- Stand your own weight ( if you can't, try to use the wall to lay on your legs on while standing, then stay for 1 min or less, do it daily, to have stronger shoulders.


2- The balance. ( the hard part to me)



I can stand the my weight, but balancing is my main problem.


Hint: don't be afraid to fall, if you fall, try to bend your legs, so you can land on your foots,  then back. This will make the fall much less in affect on your back.




(((( WARNING!!! if you have back pain, or any injury don't do this exercise))))) !!!!



So, Can you do it? if you already an expert in it, please share with us your experience!



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  • It was between my favourite exercises when I was little :)

    Maybe watching a proffesional gimnast, will help performing this exercise,... except lucky ones who dream themselves doing and enjoying it :)


    Swim at least an hour every day. Therefore, I have very strong shoulders and I need not stand on my hands and head for it .. lol
    By the way, I did. and is so easy if you do it against the wall for a couple of times, then you can do for yourself.

    First, you have to kneel as if to pray.
    Second, put your hands a little more open than your knees.
    Third, raise your hips gently.
    Fourth, gently elevate the legs
    Last but not least, smile, you did it! lol

    Good look   :)

  • Guys I am still working on it. Before I hardly stand on my hands, now I can last for 1 second Lol !!

    But you know what I do every day? I stand On my hands and attached my legs on the wall for less than 1 min. This way I make my shoulders stronger and capable of holding my full body weight, plus making balance.

    One day I will make it! I promise!!!

    Thanks for all your comments

    Also If you have any ideas, please help!

  • But have you Experienced it yourself



    hmmm ... what I m thinking is.....


    we should have dreams...we have to face challenges... we have to plan our challenges to fulfill our dreams...


    I am not intended to walk on my hand .. yet I learned this from you Mr. Night. even I have to walk on my hand :)


    Thank you for sharing.


  • its so hard and for me i cant hold my big belly :S


    • so funny! lol


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