Sometimes, when friends asked me how i am,  i instantly say "Im great!", even if it is not true. Yes, i dont want my friends to know the real score. I dont want them to see that i am struggling. But peace of mind avoids me. Is it healthy to keep our struggles on the inside? 

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  • Maraming salamat Glosky! I always suppress them. Thanks for sharing.  

    • Maraming salamat din dara!

  • HI Glo)) Long time no see!

    Of course, we can't consider vulnerability and openness a flaw. Love, happiness, trust, creativeness, human warmth - all the most beautiful is born from vulnerability and willingness to let other people see us from inside: our soul, belief, pain, happiness or struggles. That's what makes us human beings. The question is if we have to show our suffers and troubles to any single person who asks us about how we are. It's just politeness, people are not ready to assume someone else's problems. With such questions they follow the norms of society and that is it. 

    However, keeping your beloved from letting them know what you are struggling with will show that we do not trust them and do not believe they can support us. Being open with strange people is just a useless waste of emotions. Being open with close friends and beloved ones is a way to learn how to trust and support each other. 

    I wish you to be always really GREAT and reply to such questions without any need to hide anything.

    Welcome back, we missed you )))

    • Lovely. Thank you very much friend. You said it right. I really can't show my vulnerability to strange people or even some friends. I am glad we have EC to pour my heart out without being judge. Also thankful that i've met all of you, especially you. I miss you and all of my friends here.

  • Dear Glosky.
    I think most of us do not want to admit that they feel bad.
    We believe we have to be strong. That does not allow us to show weakness. We are afraid of being hurt because we do not know how people react when confronted with the truth. Mostly, people do not really want to know about our condition.
    Questions of how we are, are usually made just out of courtesy.
    A sincere interest in us, we can only hear in the emphasizing of the question.
    Sometimes it's even a kind of self-deception when we say we are good. We say we are fine because we want to be.

    I am also one of those people who fight their struggles inside themselves. I am not good at confessing feeling bad or desperate. That is definitely not healthy...but...what can I do...that's me.


    • I miss you lady. Yeah, it is us. We can't help it sometimes to show strenght though we are show courage though we are afraid...its a very complicated world, isn't it? Be happy always Rose!

  • I use to reply the same mostly because I know they won't solve my problem or wouldn't really mind and just ask just for politeness.  I dare to say someone even will be glad if I tell I'm going through bad times. I tend to be introverted although I don't say that's always healthy. Follow your instinct.

    • Thanks for your nice comment estanis! 

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