Within the pressure of our daily life, the heart faces many dangers. Heart attacks, heart strokes, blood clotting, and the family history of heart diseases, etc. Of course, that excludes age, weight, and other causes. Some people may not be able to cope with the pressure of the demands of life. Can optimism lessen or be a medicine to our hearts?  

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    • Halet chetore Saba!   I remember that saying.  "healthy mind in healthy body" I agree with  you  my dear good friend.  It is better to  be optimistic.   Look, search for  optimism and you will find it. Thanks  for  your  nice comment  on this  discussion. 

  • Exactly Alan Nicol, that what I have been telling that beautiful lady, Glosky. Her doctor is a wise guy. He gave her a piece of good advice. Let me concentrate on positivity and negativity. I noticed that you concentrated on positivity a lot. I agree with you, my respected teacher, when we have positive attitudes, it reflects on our students. It happened to me many times. The heart needs optimism and positive actions. Thanks, teacher Alan for your nice comment.

  • A very nice positive topic Dara and yes I agree with the majority that optimism and positivity can help us in so many ways. I don't always manage to exude the positivity that I would like to and of course that's bad for a teacher. I always receive back from students the energy I give out. When I focus on the positive then everybody learns better and teaching becomes fun. Outside the classroom, optimism and positivity are surely key to any success we have. If we have too much negativity and stress in our lives, it's bound to harm the body in the long run. of course, I'm not a doctor, but Glosky's doctor is, so we should listen to him.

  • Nice topic dara. I firmly believe that emotions and the way we perceive things play a big factor in one's overall health. Yes, being optimistic in life generates happy feelings, when we are happy, we are also healthy. Negative feelings generates bad feelings, and it is not good to our heart health. My doctor told me to follow his advise, i should practice S.E.L.F. from now on. Meaning, S=sleep E=exercise L=love F=forgiveness. I hope i did impart positive awareness, dara. 

    • Glosky, sobrang mahal kita! Your doctor is indeed an optimistic person. Following his advice is the main key to a better life. Do you know that I practice daily? I also heard that negative feelings or bad impressions cast negative shadows upon the personality. Our hearts need them. I really enjoyed reading your optimistic comment. Thank you.

  • I have never made a correlation between heart healt and life stress. I am not pretty sure if taking life in a positive way will reduce hearth diseases but I want to believe that it doesn't matter if it happen to be good or not for healt, but at least you are facing life in a way you are enjoying instead of suffering. What would be the sense of life if we all were worried all the time.

    • Grazie Anthony M. You can also say that it is a rational matter. Worrying all the time makes our lives hard to cope with. At least, we feel happiness inside our hearts and that is why we are optimistic about the coming event. I respect your point of view, it might not have any connection or relation between the heart and that feeling. Although the source of feelings is that strange organ in our chests, am I mistaken? Thanks, Anthony for your nice comment on that discussion.   

  • Thanjs, dara and nice to see you too after many days.

    • Teeka assay, Bet. Don't forget to extend my greetings to your respected family.

  • Valo achi tumi, Bet! I am glad to see you back after a long time. I have been busy with my project. I come from time to time to My EC. I hope you are always optimistic, my dear respected lady. Thanks for your nice comment.

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