Within the pressure of our daily life, the heart faces many dangers. Heart attacks, heart strokes, blood clotting, and the family history of heart diseases, etc. Of course, that excludes age, weight, and other causes. Some people may not be able to cope with the pressure of the demands of life. Can optimism lessen or be a medicine to our hearts?  

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  • I am not so big to choose any relevant comment. But jus typed what the inside my mind and heart that, yes optimism can really useful to reduce heart issue. But I would also say further that, why the heart has to be dependent on any human felling? Rather than, belive in only karma, one second but be aware, not trapped of again desire of frutative results as it will automatically credited in A/C likewise our bank a/C.(yes, karma must be good one because it gives sound sleep ha ha ha) then you will start to feel every day energetic and not under any pressure.


    Thanks. Just personal opinion and self experienced.

    • Danyavaad Viral! Lekin "karma", with it, we can still pay for our mistakes. As for the heart, Wow, it is the source of all our happiness and our, shall I say, our troubles. That is why we are dependent on it a lot, Viral.   Being optimistic as the other respected members mentioned helps the heart to some extent.

      Try to feel that way; you will notice the change in your life. I mean, think that the lovely days are coming and that you would soon get the best of life. In this way, you are hoping for that goal and targeting it at the same time. Thanks, Viral for your nice comment.        

    • Yes. You are also right. Thanks for kind advice.


    • Koy baat nahi, Viral! You are always welcome. Take care and don't forget to extend my regards to your family and friends. Thanks again. 

  • But you do know the difference between an optimist and a pessimist?

    A pessimist is a well-informed optimist.
    (Russian joke. The Russians have all the best jokes btw.)

    • Many many thanks to our respected boss. 

    • Can that be? I wonder if the other way round can be the correct one. Usually, the pessimist is ignorant or rather away from optimistic things. It is indeed a big joke. Once more, I appreciate your comment on that discussion.

  • yes 100%!!!

    • Thanks, Mr. Esberger for your answer to that lady. 


    Being optimistic is better than to feel worry because happiness is good for our mind, when you have a healthy mind, your body is healthy too. But the impotant question is how to be optimistic. I think  those who are lucky in their lives are more optimistic compare with those who face a lot of problems and bad luck. But being optimistic depends on the person's strength and confidance if we try we can be optimistic.

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