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Can optimism be a medicine for the heart?



Within the pressure of our daily life, the heart faces many dangers. Heart attacks, heart strokes, blood clotting, and the family history of heart diseases, etc. Of course, that excludes age, weight, and other causes. Some people may not be able to cope with the pressure of the demands of life. Can optimism lessen or be a medicine to our hearts?  

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  • I have never made a correlation between heart healt and life stress. I am not pretty sure if taking life in a positive way will reduce hearth diseases but I want to believe that it doesn't matter if it happen to be good or not for healt, but at least you are facing life in a way you are enjoying instead of suffering. What would be the sense of life if we all were worried all the time.

    • Grazie Anthony M. You can also say that it is a rational matter. Worrying all the time makes our lives hard to cope with. At least, we feel happiness inside our hearts and that is why we are optimistic about the coming event. I respect your point of view, it might not have any connection or relation between the heart and that feeling. Although the source of feelings is that strange organ in our chests, am I mistaken? Thanks, Anthony for your nice comment on that discussion.   

  • Thanjs, dara and nice to see you too after many days.

    • Teeka assay, Bet. Don't forget to extend my greetings to your respected family.

  • Valo achi tumi, Bet! I am glad to see you back after a long time. I have been busy with my project. I come from time to time to My EC. I hope you are always optimistic, my dear respected lady. Thanks for your nice comment.

  • I am both....optimistic and not! It depends on the situations. But, one thing is true, I do worry a lot. So, I just got inspiration from Misha's saying and Thanks for that!

  • Yes, I think so. The key is how to feel really optimistic often,  right?

    • Por supuesto senior Estanis! Naturally, we seek that feeling. Thanks for your succinct comment.

  • Yes Mr. Dara, may be.  (Translation) Heavens (skies) are in the movement as always, May happen anyting, why would worry.

    • mujhei tum ku itifaq hoon, Mishaikh sahib! I really agree with you. Between the blink of an eye and its attention, Allah changes from one situation to another. It is better not to worry. Thanks for your wise and meaningful comment. 

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