Can crying a lot make you sick?

The science behind getting sick because of crying too much is not entirely clear yet, but it is evident that it does have an impact on your mental state. Also, if you cry very intensely, it might get your headache and physical harm to your body. One way to explain it is by because too much crying can put your brain under a lot of pressure. According to Law Essay Help UK, it might be because of some mental triggers in your head, but you may get sick after crying too much for too long

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  • I believe that crying a lot has a reason, maybe an emotional trigger or traumatic response to something... Many years ago, I was deeply depressed and I cried for hours. The doctor gave me medication to sleep many hours and stop crying. I guess the brain cannot do anything else if the person is crying so much. But, this proves something, emotions are of a higher level... Very interesting question. Thanks for posting this here.

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