Expressions Used in Many Activities


Time flies fast.

Vacation days are over before I know it.

We went to our farm for a week's quiet relaxation.

We lazed our hours away.

There's nothing like the quiet of the country. Such quiet is balm for the tired mind.

Outdoor like is good for the health.

We strolled along the mountain trails.

The blamy air gave us appetite.

We ate heartily.

We had occassional jam session.

We passed time reading.

Reading was our favorite pasttime.

We felt relaxed after our week's rest.



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  • Hello, Catherine. You have made an excellent piece of writing about your weekend. I used to spend my free time reading, but recently I've invested my free time playing with my daughters and having family time together. They are a source of joy for me to improve our relationship.

    • I just read that short poem in my book at my small room. I'm busy also with my small business , with my parents and relatives. I have to open my facebook , always because i need to do it . :) 

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