• I've a super good skill that is to pick good reading stuff. I can even know whether I'd like a book or not just reading the first paragraph; so I can't remember to ever read a book that I didn't like it... 

    Btw, your 'Bunny' book reminds me of something... have you seen Donnie Darko? 

    Donnie Darko | Cartazes de filmes, Filmes, Documentários

    • "I can even know whether I'd like a book or not just reading the first paragraph[...]"

      That's a gift. Lucky...

      I have not. Can't stand that Gyllenhaal Clan. Color me intrigued, though. Wikipedia here I come. Not a book per se, but it's reading, I guess.

      Thanks. ^_^

    • "Can't stand that Gyllenhaal Clan"   hahahaha, really?
      Oh, can you believe that I didn't know that Gyllenhaal guy had a sister when I saw that movie... and few time ago I just found out that she's playing as his sister in this movie!! Duh! XD


    •'s like they somehow crossed a wet nap with watching golf on TV and gave it a career. The sister's no prize either.

  • Hello!!

    Let me get to the point. 

    I have been through some comments about this book on goodreads. Seems very interesting and bizzare taste. I would like to get a copy. I read a short review too. 

    Thanks for sharing. 

    • Please don't.

      It's just b**chin' and moanin' and look how angsty I am even though I'm an adult.

      Like f%#k this book;  ruined my life. I can't look at a "bunny" anymore. But hey, to each his own.

      Btw, no book rec? Thanks.  I guess. ¬ _¬


    • Hahaha... I think you need to use reverse psycology with @shaheen XD


    • I think I was vague. I should prob change the title. =p

    • P.S. I had to listen to classical music to stomache this dumpster fire.  

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