blonde or black

Do you prefer blonde or black hair?
I noticed that many people like the blonde hair, and the blonde women too. I do not know about the reason. It could be that kind of hair which looks like the color of the sun.

The sun gives us the light and it is very important for life. It could be because of the color of the gold. We know that expensive metal. Some people find the blonde ones sexually attractive than the ladies with black hair and white skin. They say, a tall blue eyed blonde girl. or a brown eyed blond man.  

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  • Honestly, when I was a child, I often thought about having blonde hair...and I really thought that having blonde hair would be "Wow!!!" as I only saw them on TV. :D

    Now, I really loves the color of my hair as I also realize blonde hair wouldn't be fit with my skin color. :D

    I love myself. :p

  • What a convinced answer, dear NotAClue. :D I may be agree with the last part.

  • Maraming salamat Glosky Jebulan! Thanks for pressing the like button. Is it possible to be one of your friends? 

  • Ola SanSnow! Em primiero lugar, I hope to be one of your friends. You are a very sentimental guy, I like that. You like both, I guess. Me too. I hope to be one of your friends, San. Thanks for your comment.

  • Blond hair means gold but black hair can means petroleum, which it means richness.

    The both I like, specially when the girl use the right cut, However, the blond hair for me claims more attention.

  • Asombroso meu amigo! Wow! I really like that short outstanding comment. Absolutely wonderful. The description of your blonde mother and your attraction to that unknown world. I hope to be like you, Amoresperros! Thanks for a brilliant and nice comment.

  • I wish I could be picky regarding hair, but I´m afraid I can´t, because I´m completely bald, I have less hair than an egg. I like the human beauty in every color and shape, I can find it in every single phenotype. Nevertheless, I have to admit that dark skin and black hair are my weakness. I reckon in my case it´s a matter of exotism, my mother is blonde and has intense blue eyes and i´ve always felt attracted to unknown worlds and not familiar stuff. Interesting discussion, anyway.

  • Aman tarnim, Nefes! You are a philosopher. I did not know about that. This will make me in a hurry to be one of your friends. I hope you send me the friend request.

    At the beginning of your comment, I sensed some sort of despair in your words. Then when you started to talk about the sun I knew that you are full of hopes and future expectations. You used many big terms like instinctive, assumption, hypothesis and the word "defect". Let me quote this, (human-like light then darkness.) There was a huge of metaphor here. I really enjoyed your marvelous intervention. Thanks, Nefes. 

  • human behaviors can be effected from a lot of factors. These factors can be instincts, emotions and beliefs and education through your life etc. We learn how to behave, what to like, what to care about in years. Now we are all defected and we can't know why we really behave, feel or believe like we do now. We can only guess. As an assumption, ı liked your thought about the sun. This assumption is hard to verify but it is instinctive and ı feel a part in me that verify this hypothesis. human like light then darkness. We like hope then grey clouds. light is like hope, it is like life.

  • Khaili mumnoon, doste khobam, Vahid! What we do not have, we like a lot. That theory is right. the lady, Olga insinuated about something like that. She said that her countrywomen are blonde and they hope to have a brown or a dark skin male. The matter is vice versa as you mentioned, Vahid. Thank you.

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