Beaches of Cannes

Hello my dear friends, As always, I'm bothering and taking your times....I'm so sorry But some ridiculous topics and some nonsense questions are disturbing me...!...Many times I've requested no to bring simple topics to ask a comments, but my friends didn't listen to  me and insisted to do same errors...Okay , I'll nevermind... If so ,here so.... !...

The tittle of my essay is the  Beaches of Cannes...A short introduction on this place : 

Cannes , a resort town on the French Riviera, is famed for its international film festival..Perhaps, you didn't know but this Adriano is the most known man of those festivals ....Thank You  !..Its Boulevard de la Croisette, curving along the cost,is lined with sandy beaches , upmarket boutiques and palatial hotels.....After that a short information, I can ask my question....

If you were a 80 year-old women , would you like to show up yourselves topless  on the beaches of Cannes ? or,  If you were a men at 80 ,would you like to swim with no swimwear in the seas of Cannes  ?...


I Thank you very much...


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  • Lol....dear Adriano...and what is wrong with 80 years old people? Do they stop to be human beings at that age?

    The only observation....I guess there are special beaches for the people who want to sunbathe topless or swim without swimwear. And such a wish doesn't depend on age...




    PS: congrats on your being that famous ))

    • Thank you my dear Friend Olga.. Thank You...No, never they do not stop to human being... Yes, you may swim and sunbathe at FKK (Neked  Club ) .but at 80  and naked or topless eeegggg   !!!  Bııırrrrrr



  • Why not? Beaches are not just for young people. Age should not matter.
    An old woman who stands with dignity to her age can look more beautiful than all those pretty actresses with their cosmetic surgeries at face and body, which makes them look younger, but also artificial like dolls and some of them look like zombies.

    • G'Morgen,,,Lol really you are right...Thank you Dear Rose....Generally , I do not ask that kind of questions, but our Dara drave me to ask....alright, I understood you you can swim topless...hahaha  Thank you





  • I think not. 

    • Lol My friend Estanis...  Yes, I know ..perhaps in Costa Brava Yes... oho  !   Thank you

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