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Hi, guys!
In your opinion is it possible to become fluent in English without traveling abroad? By the way, what does "fluent" really mean? Is fluency related to the English level of each one?
Thank you all in advance.

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  • Becoming fluent in speaking English doesn't mean that you have to travel abroad. The fluency level that you desire can be obtained by engaging with other students and/or members of a certain English community.

    Also, watching news and reading books are two of the many ways to improve your English. They are only two of the many methods where English is applied effectively.

  • Dear Nan nice to meet you here 

    I will answer middle part of your question meaning of fluency ,Fluency is defined as “being able to speak and write quickly or easily in a given language.” It comes from the Latin word fluentem meaning “to flow.”

  • Hello, Nan!
    Yes, I think it is possible to be fluent in English without travelling abroad. You just need practice and assesment to know you're doing well.
    I think fluency is related to your level of Engish. To begin with, I think fluency is the ability to comunicate as clearly as possible: clear pronunciation, vocabulary, pace. With a quick search the dictionary says fluency is the ability to speak or write with ease, so I'm not in the wrong.
    It will take a while to acquire these traits. Practice to have the right flow of speech and experience to know what words are the right ones in each situation.

  • Yes, I think that everybody can become fluent without traveling or living in other country. Now we have a lot of tools for improving our English. We can practice our listening watching series on Netflix o we can use Apps to talking witn people over the World.

  • Fluency in any language means to understand what you are spoken to and how promptly you are responding to your speaker.

    By travelling, of course you have a boost to learn to communicate, and living among the natives you learn the different dialacts. 

    But do not ever get disappoint when you are not adopting to the native dialat promptly.  Length of your experience will teach you.

    Meanwhile, try to communicate properly, in your own dialact.  Only the children who born among the natives naturally adopt the native dialact.

    Good luck.

  • Hi nan,

    If you need to be fluent in communication, not teaching or for a job, then I think 'fluent' means a courage and perseverance to speak and write English. This case, If one know grammar a lot but they never talk or write anything, then speaking and writing will be hard task to do. Then, they are not fluent.

    If one can speak and write, then I guess it's sure that they know how to read and listen. So, this is the meaning of 'fluent' according to me. ^^ 

    But if one needs a fluency to teach or  for a job, then grammar and test may be necessary, English level is needed.

    For the first question, with the high technology nowadays, it is POSSIBLE that we can be fluent without travelling abroad.

    Thank you for your interesting discussion.

  • Hi, nan.

    A good question!

    What does fluent mean? What does it mean to speak fluently?

    It's the based meaning of that word. When you speak, the language flows. There are no interruptions, and the speed is like a native speaker.
    Fluent speaking is, therefore, the ability to communicate quickly, easily, and fluently in a variety of ways and with a wide range of people. 
    Many people - especially those who have never learned a foreign language - believe that you have swallowed a dictionary and that you can express yourself 100% perfectly at any time without ever making a mistake or having to struggle for words. But if this were the case, could you claim to have a perfect command of your mother tongue? That is rather unlikely.

    In my opinion, fluency does not depend on the level of each one. It is the highest level of mastery of a language, even if we speak with an accent.

    I think we can reach this level without being in one of the countries where this language is native. However, you need ways of using language, direct dialogue, and so on. Staying in a country where you have to speak a foreign language makes the process of achieving fluency easier and faster.

  • De nada Nan! Lovely ladies like you can easily be fluent. No need to travel abroad, it is a matter of obtaining or gaining this skill. Practice, practice,,, that is all. Be safe Nan. 

    • You always so nice, Dara... Thank you!

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