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Hello all! 

I hope you are spending lovely time.

Well, I added a flicker widgets to my wall. It worked well in spit of the background of it. the problem that I faced is changing the color of the widget background. 

This is the site of the Flicker widget :

I took a shot to it to get what the problem is.

There is no background, but when I added the code to MyEC, It became with light blue background! I don't want that background! I just want a transparent background.

I hope that I can clarify the problem.

so May you help me?

Thanks in advance! =)

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  • Are you sure that "Use background transparency" was checked when you generated the code? In the code, can you change "opaque" to "transparent"? If that doesn't work, you should probably ask the widget makers. Do they have a help forum?

    • Yes, I even asked my sister to try adding it in her blog and it worked well.

      P.S It works in "blogger" though it doesn't work in ""

      I think that I need to ask the founder or the developer of that widget. I'm going to drop a question there and see.

      Do you think that may come back to the programming language which is used in the site? I don't have lots of information in that, I'm just guessing. :)

      Thanks for your being around to help me. :)

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