Hi guys,Lets discuss the topic of "Atheism" openly!Who is the atheist? Why do they have such belief and why do they deny the existence of God "Allah?Do they have evidences for their thoughts ?Francis Bacon,the famous philospher, has rightly said :"alittle knowledge of science makes man an atheist , but an in-depth study of science makes him a believer in God.

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  • Here is the link to a book on the topic posted in my dropbox.  This is only for the reading interest.  Reader have all right to agree or disagree with the author.

  • Dear Amal,.

    When I was in high school, a teacher of mine suggested a book to read, it was a novel titled ‘Atheist’, it was written in my language by Indonesian writer. This book was very old one, I guess it would be hard to find this book these days. Before read this my teacher warned us, his students, to read the book until the very end. Why? Because a half of the book in the beginning part, contained proves of Atheism and the rest is about monotheism. This novel is actually a psychology book, tells us about a journey of a man’s life. At first, he was a believer, his religion is Islam, when he was growing up and met many new people who became his friends and lover, he changed into an atheist due to their influences. In the end of the story, this man came back in to his old belief, became a Muslim again.

    Alright, that was my teacher’s brief, I hadn’t read the book yet. I was wondering, was that true if a book possessed a power like that. For my curiosity I borrowed it from library, read it only few beginning chapters and decided to stop reading that part and went in to the last part instantly. I have proven my teacher’s words.  Yes it was a novel, tells us a story in narrative way, but the contains was persuading and it’s like forced us to agree with the author.  I only read until the part of this man talked with his lover, this girl was an atheist and very clever one, I read how she assured the man and it’s very convincing until the man changed his mind about religion. Later, I read a half of the last part, when the man was confusing with the road he has taken, he thought that everything is wrong and decided to came back to the village and became Muslim again, finish!

    Now, my turn. In my humble opinion, Atheist is neither a kind of religion nor refer to a person or a tribe, it’s a state of mind. A state when someone deny about God’s existence. All become complicated when it relates to mind, no matter how much proves you bring to make sure someone, that wont change anything, because the one who responsible to change his/her mind is the person itself. You may convince with the most assure prove, some people may would agree and follow your way and some other may prefer to walk away, in the end, it’s on their hands, you just trying all the way.

    There is another case which is tingling my religion sense, a lot of people include one of my teacher, claimed that they are believing in God but they are not belong to any religion, will you call them atheist too? I have no idea.

    That’s all from me now, wish you happy and blessed day :)

  • Dear Luci, your comment is more valuable than a hundred likes :)

    LUCInka said:

    I regret I can't give u like, dear Saba ;)
    Hi guys, Lets discuss the topic of Atheism openly! Who is the atheist? Why do they have such belief and why do they deny the existence of God Al…
  • 1 .Atheist is a person who doesn't believe in existence of God or his divine miracles or any spiritual things

    2 .Atheism is a result of lack of faith...In other meaning atheism is losing faith.

    3.there are no evidences for their thoughts but if there is it will be thanklessness...

  • I regret I can't give u like, dear Saba ;)
  • Hi

    So many thanks to my dear friends Mary, Estanis and Amal

    Freedom of thought is the right of every person......and nobody has the right to impose his/her idea.

  • Brilliant reply Saba. You haven't let down anyone.

    I have also my own idea of God that has been evolutioning as I grew up. As Mary said in your reply it's unacceptable for me too taking religion like an imposition or a manipulative tool, sadly it happens nowadays just like centuries ago when Europeans reached America or the Spanish Inquisition burned unbelievers.

    Anyway, I can't reach the point on this blog. Why insist on dividing atheist from religious people? For me it's like talking about black against white men, western against eastern, heteros against gays/lesbians or men against women. As a Christian I don't mind other's religion or atheism but his/her behaviour and attitude towards others.

    Love has no labels. Nor religion.
    • Hi guys,

      I would say that there are so many people who act in the name of religion including isis .They interpret some verses of Quran according to their desire.

      But still The Quran is very clear for those who would know the truth.
  • Thanks for your kind reply saba, I can see now that you're one of the very few people here with whom I could talk about religion in a respectful and quiet tone. I wish there could be more people like you around here.

    I guess every person have their personal definion of what is 'god'. And some of these definions might not even been related with any religion, but with a personal philosophy of life (for instance, you can even consider the 'Mother Nature' as a kind of 'deity')

    There are as many points of view as people on the planet Earth. So that's also the reason there are so many different interpretations of these 'holy' texts. Every person have their own interpretation, and this leads to many contradictions.

    To all these must be added the complexity of reading these very old texts that are full of symbolism, written in a very particular context and in an ancient tongue...
    Considering all this, the only interpretation I can recognize is the one given by historians and philologists (like the hermeneutics, a methodology of text interpretation (especially biblical texts) which carries out the analysis of texts to achieve a coherent explanation of them)

    I've always said that I find very interesting to read all these religious texts. I don't have anything against that. The only problem comes when some people use these texts with the only purpose of manipulating other more 'weak' minds. Sadly, imho, that's the main problem with all the religions: they have been always used as a manipulation's tool.

  • Hi dear Mary,

    So many thanks for your fast reply.
    I’m interested in etymology of words :)
    When I was a kid, I thought that God is something in the sky, I had a childish imagination of God, but when I grew up, at the age of 18, that childish thought couldn’t satisfy my curiosity about God.
    I thought and studied and I found that every human has a feeling to follow truth, this feeling is instinctively inside all humans, and also I found that God has 99 names which one of them is Al-Haqq meaning “ The Truth”.

    My definition of God is:
    Everybody that follows truth and obeys it is a God worshiper even if s/he doesn’t receive any religious instruction and doesn’t belong to any religious groups…….and everybody that obeys untruth is an idol worshiper even if s/he is from a religious family.

    As for the holy books, they should be interpreted; here is one interpretation of Adam story:
    Adam means human
    Heaven means the place where human originates from, the place of goodness
    Forbidden fruit means anything deceiving in the world such as money, position, etc.
    Human beings originates from goodness, if he is deceived by money, position ….. he cannot reach his original place.

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