Hello everyone,

I was studying when i came across this sentence.

*"She became a doctor, as HAD her mother before her."

The teacher who said this sentence is a native speaker of English, so I believe it is correct, but what i would really like to know is why she used "had" here. 

Thanks in advance :)


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  • Thanks, sir. That was quite helpful.

  • Thanks josef sir

  • She became a doctor, as HAD her mother before her.

    Sometimes is best not to overthink things. Of course it means:

    She became a doctor, in the same way as her mother had become a doctor before her.

    Or go and look at the past perfect:


    Past Perfect | Grammar | EnglishClub
    The Past Perfect tense is quite an easy tense to understand and to use. This tense talks about the 'past in the past'.
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