Are you crazy or something?


A snake fell on fire and could not get out. A man saw it and tried to get it out of the fire. The snake bit the man while getting it out of the fire and he was forced to let it down on the fire because of the pain. Suddenly, the man looked sorrowful and thought that it was his fault. He helped the snake out again. A woman was standing close to the scene and she came to the man and said, "Are you crazy or something?" 

The man answered, "No, it's my nature to help."  The woman was surprised and could not believe her eyes. Any messages from that short story!!!   

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    People who are kind to animals, they are kind to each other, too.

    • Dagigan, kamilan drasta, Saba! I agree with you. Thanks for your nice and wise comment. Sorry for my late reply.

  • Muchas gracias La petite Anarchiste! By the way, where have you been? Thanks for pressing the like button.

  • After reading this story I ponder.. it's better to be good than evil, but, anyway,  be prudent doesn't hurt!

    Thanks for sharing, Dara!


    • Terima kasih kembali, Nan! Sekali! I agree with you, being good is better than being evil. I really appreciate your nice and sincere words. 

  • Hello Teacher Dara,

    This is a peristent will to help. So great example. However, generally, not many people can do that. It's not easy. Not impossible, though.

    I may persistent, but I will see again the situation.

    Thanks for sharing this discussion. 

    • Saya setuju dengan Anda, mod. Onee. The good deed is always rewarded no matter how long does it take. In our proverb, we say, (make the good work and throw it into the sea). Forgive my late reply and thanks for your nice comment. 

    • Halo mod. Onee Chan, skg, saya sibuk. I shall finish drinking tea and give you, my reply. I am happy to read from you. Don't forget to extend my greetings to your family and friends. 

  • Mashkoora ya sit Rosemary! Thanks for pressing the like button. 

  •    There is deep significant  in this story  . It is about the nature of people and that the evil ones will have their deserved  end . It's in the Holy Quran  

      " ولو علم الله فيهم خيرا لاسمعهم ولو اسمعهم لتولوا وهم معرضون "

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