• Thanks Onee for agreeing to the fact of life.

  • Our forefathers had a very difficult life and faced even scarcity or poverty, by contrast I remember when I was a child my grandpa only telling entertaining delightful stories in an age that for me seemed like from other world.
    I imagine the difficulties that they had to deal but their lifestyle, although was far simpler than ours, surely was also happier too.
  • I don't know if we are happier than our fore -fathers or not!

    We have more facilities and more problems than our fore-fathers.

  • Thanks Abeera for your participation. I agree with your view point.

  • I think no,we have luxurious lifestyle, we have facilities which they probably didn't imagined but they had peace tranquil heart. The more we get we hoard for more making our mind , heart restless. It also differ from person to person. There are people in this era living their live fullest and enjoying every moment and happier than their fore father. (plz do correction for my mistakes)

  • We are more happier than our fore-fathers due to the advancement in the technologies, but we are not chummy like them.
  • Thanks Hadia for your participation.  Can you explain you view point a bit more. Thanks again.

  • yes, we are happier than our fore-fathers because we have all luxuries of life.everything is easy for us.

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