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My anti-virus Kaspersky

throw the virus alarm "22.03.2019 15.21.57; Chrome;03/22/2019 15:21:57"

first time i get the alarm from page

best regards sincerely

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  • hi OM 
    i have not a chance to solve this problem. The page of EC had the malicious link.
    (it guide to third-party bad server, then server try to load infectd files). To slove this problem i should have admin privileges of EC (not ordinary user).
    At this moment this link is not active. (but there are could be others)
    do you use anit-virus OM?
    if not i would advise you use secure web anit-virus.

  • Hi, Winnie ) Have you solved your problem? I never had that kind of ))

  • i have tryed scan "" by virustotal (web service
    it reflects several infectd files in dir /topology/reset/
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