Children are like angels. We must take care of them. We must be responsible towards our children. In my opinion if we couldn't afford to support them financially and emotionally, we are not allowed to bring them in this world. First we must be ready. If we are ready to sacrifice ourselves, we could have babies, otherwise we had better not bring them in this world.It really shatters my heart when I see or read about innocent kids who are suffering from lots Of deprivations even in essential needs like food, health issues and education.

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  • Sometimes these lil angels can make your life a living hell though. All in all, they are our future and we should  love them to death.

  • Dear Julien, you had better read my sentence again. I wrote if we couldn't support them financially and emotionally we are not allowed to bring them in this world. There are so many poor people who give birth to so many kids not 2 or 3 maybe 6 or 7. If they have one or two it wouldn't be a big burden on them. I didn't say poor people are not allowed to have kids maybe even poor ones can give so much love to their kid. On the other hand if rich ones can not support them emotionally they should pause and give it a second thought.
    I don't hate or completely disagree with having kids because I believe they are the most beautiful gifts in this world. What I am saying is that we must be responsible. Thanks for your comment.
  • Dear Beethoven, thanks for your comment.
  • The best way to take care of your children is not to bring them in the world.

    Giving birth to a child is nothing more than a selfish act from people who only want to melt into the mold of society.

    What right do you take a choice which is fundamentally not yours but the choice of a person who will never be able to take it ? His life is not yours but it's his.

    How can you bring a child in a world where injustice and inequalities are omnipresent, where everyone is selfish and egocentric, where pollution or war kill billions of people.

    All the problems of the Earth (epidemic, poverty, starvation, pollution,...) come from overpopulation and you, with your great generosity, you will increase this number a little more again and again and again. So you will give to a child the right to die and in addition you will make the future even more horrible than it is already.

    Birth is one of the things that disgust me most in the entire world because it's not an act of innocence and generosity anymore but it became a hypocritical and mechanical act because of stupide traditions...

    So finally you wrote : "If we couldn't afford to support them financially we are not allowed to bring them in this world.". So if I understand correctly, poor people have not the right to give birth ? But generally poor people don't choose to be poor and, even more incredible, they can show and give love as well as others. So, all that to say that your speech is just pathetic and meaningless... Nevertheless, I recognize that it's a clever and amazing way to eradicate poverty in the world (obviously this is irony).
  • Setareh, I could not agree more. Children are real angels(:
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