• Hello Muhsin,

    Welcome to MyEC! :)

    Normal text below the picture can be written by one/two clicks of 'enter'. In case of being inserted by accident, you can also click enter and write again below it, and delete the unproper text. I don't know the better way. :D

    Btw, discussion is expected to have a question to discuss. What is your question? ^^

    I would say the same that it would be great if you post this in photo section. You can also give explanation text there.

    Anyway, how does it taste? Oh, I'm in hunger...cos I'm late to take sahoor today. lol

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    myEnglishClub (myEC), your page in English
  • Rucikaramaya Muhsin! Wow, yummy.

  • Hi, Muhsin, looks good, but... where is the text? Did it get lost in the process? This is the place for discussions... Do we get a recipe?
    Otherwise we have a photo section... Although, it's highly appreciated to add some text there as well. ;-) Welcome to EC! :-D 

    Gosh, I'm becoming a wiseacre, I better go offline now. 

    • I am lost ! I couldn't see an option where I can put the caption. I put all the caption in title, I think it's not appearing. Guide me please.

      • Well, I can't see what you're seeing on your device... but the area where you've put in the pic, is the place to add your text in this section. If you actually wanna make a discussion... 

        •  should I try again and see if there is any option or delete this post and login in my PC and try to upload it again?

          • I think you've got as many tries as you want to improve that post. ;-) There is already a second identical post... knock yourself out. ;-) 

            • Hey I have made some changes . Plase tell me how does it looks like now, thank you

            •  btw if a post contain a photo is it must to upload it in photo section thread. Can't I post an image with caption in normal general discussion? I am pretty new to this sorry

              • Hehe... Yeah, that is a deep philosophical question, and I will answer it thoroughly. But since I've been a technical admin for many, many forums over the years, and helped developing open source software for forums like this, I have a more pragmatic view on this. - For us it's easy...
                - If the main content is a pic, put in the photo section. A caption is a great extra. ;-) 
                - If you wanna share your experience, knowledge or poetic creation, put it in the blog section. You can add as many pics as you want to add more atmosphere... 
                - And if you're interested to get other people opinions on a specific topic, put it in the discussion section. You may add as many pics as you like to illustrate your ideas or opinion. 

                Now, the decision to divide a place like this into different areas is usually made to make it more user-friendly and organized... but I don't believe that it hurts when people get confused from time to time... on the other hand, if everybody stops trying to adopt these rules, it gets really confusing. 

                But in the end what does actually matter?? Is chaos confusing or beautiful?

                I'm only a normal member here, like you, so... do what you want. :-D 

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