• Dear NotAClue,

    Thank you for spending time for describing the subject for me. It is very kind of you.

    I don't know Mr.Essberger, but I guess that he should be an expert in technical problems.

    I am very happy to hear,"Mr.Essberger is not content with and that he was thinking about a change...maybe he'll choose a service that isn't blocked in your country ."

    My dear friend,
    Thanks so much for giving me more information.
    I hope I can use English Club in the best way in my country soon.

    I wish you and English Club all the best in 2017,
  • Hi, dear NotAClue,

    First, thank you for explanation.

    Second, if I told you that VPN is dangerous for me, and also it is possible that my computer get virus, it isn't because of type of anti virus.
    It is because of my country. I have seen some persons who have used VPN, and also have had the best virus, but my country has sent to their computers virus.
    And also, their connection to the internet has been cut forever.
    If you were me would you use VPN?
    If you were me would you want to miss the internet forever?
    If you were me would you have the big risk?

    You should live in my position that you can understand my problems.

    Third, about
    Some sites were on, and were blocked in my country. As far as I know they went to Jamroom, and they are open in my country for many months, so I only presented a suggestion.
    Please, feel free to say no.

    Please, forgive me

    Thanks in advance and best wishes,
  • WOW.

    I am very happy to hear this.

    Thanks in advance,
  • Bijan, your request... lol....

    Hope your problem will be solved, soon. ^^

  • Hi my dear friend,

    First, is blocked in my country for many months.
    Second, yes. I live in a country where internet is restricted.
    In addition, I am sure that my problems are not in settings of Chrome.
    Third, sorry.
    I cannot use VPN software because it is possible that it will be dangerous for me. Some computers that they have used VPN, they have gotten virus.
    Thus, I don't want to have a risk.
    Finally, thank you for your great answer. It looks like my problems are in my internet access that is restricted, not my page.

    Two questions,please:
    1. What relation is between and English Club?
    2. I know some websites that were on before, they changed its place, and now, are open in my country.
    Can English Club do this change, please?

    Thank you English Club that would like to fix my problems very kindly.
    Best wishes,
  • Hi my dear friend,

    1. I am sure about JavaScript and Cookies because I have checked them on Google. They are enabled.
    2. I have cleared my browser's cache and cookies too.
    3. I only use Microsoft Security Essentials in my laptop.

    In addition, I have the above problems yet.

    Thanks for helping me in advance,
  • Yes, It's 99% cause of JavaScript. the JavaScript codes doesn't work on your computer.

    And by the way, Bijan You live in Iran, So you won't have a proper access to MyEC through Iranian IPs.

    MyEC is not abandoned here but unfortunately the Website has been abandoned. so you wont have access to MyEC Server. that is, you don't have access to JavaScript and CSS codes of MyEC.

    Here is how I see MyEC through Iranian IPs: 


    If you are 18 years old or more, I recommend you to use Webfreer (free VPN browser).

    also Note that Webfreer gives you 100% free access to every kind of websites. so make sure it's Out of reach of minors.

    NotAClue said:

    Hi there!

    These problems can have several reasons...

    1.  Make sure that JavaScript and Cookies are enabled!
    2. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
    3. Also check if you use any security software (browser-security, personal firewall, Tor etc.) or ad blocking software that blocks JavaScript.
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  • Hello,

    Now, I am on Mozilla Firefox, and I have my technical problems yet:

    1. I cannot add any member as my new friend.
    2. I cannot send any message.
    3. I cannot like any post.

    If you help me, I will be very happy.

    Thanks in advance,
  • Sir Josef,

    1. I used FireFox, and also Internet Explorer, but I saw that there are my problems yet.
    In addition, I don't have another computer.

    2. The page doesn't give me any error, it cannot only load when I click on words "send message", "add friend", or "like a subject".

    3. My OS is windows7.

    I guess that there is a technical problem with my page.

    Thanks and best wishes,
  • Hi, Sir Josef,

    1. My operating system is Windows 7.
    2. My browser is Google.
    3. When I click "send", "like", or "add friend" on the website, they don't work.
    Last night, English Club told me that my page has a problem and told me "try again". I tried again, but it didn't work. So it gave me a link. I clicked the link, but I have the problem yet.

    Thanks in advance,
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