A seasoned ESL Instructor

I will start by thanking the Administrators of this amazing platform for letting me in.

Self-introduction has always been my nightmare. I seemingly perform better when I have to answer questions. I will, however, do my utmost to tell you something about this humble being in a bid to stay in line with the rules on here. I am a Certified English as a second language (ESL) teacher with a demonstrated ability to teach, motivate and inspire students.

I was born with a strong passion to pass down knowledge. I was born in the 80s of two peasant farmers in the former British Southern Cameroon. I have been teaching English Language for close to 10 years. This accrued hands-on classroom experience transformed me into the loved and appreciated teacher that I am today.

I have a huge passion for discovery and adventure. I always strive to know more and understand more about the world at large and my profession in particular. I might need to reiterate that, when it comes to this aspect, my glass is always half full.

I call myself a citizen of the universe. I always try so hard not to geo-block myself in anyway. This probably explains why, for close to 4 years, I have been living a peaceful and blissful life here in China. I see the world as a little global village in which people are supposed to love each other, regardless of beliefs, race, and a host of other artificial barriers that people put in place just to create hatred among the citizens of the universe.

I enjoy my teaching job and when I'm not doing that, I play football, watch random videos on YouTube, and try random recipes in the kitchen with a lot more in between.
I am looking forward to meeting some like-minded people on here. I may not be an open book but believe me, I’m an easygoing person with so much passion for what I do. If you are an enthusiastic teacher like me, then welcome to my world.

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  • HI Allen,
    I have JUST seen your message here. Hope you could see my reply in time.
    Guess you will get interested reading my introduction. I am looking for new chances improving English teaching with my friends in China. Guess there is often cooperation here.

  • Hi Allen,



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