• Hello Nadiyah,

        Well, you know I'm learning but let me tell you I'm doing my best here in Ec :)
        • I support your ideas about mascot for EC. Parrot can learn to speak like human beings. It can repeat the words that it hears time and again. By the way what about pigeon? Pigeon can fly high in the sky with faster speed. It can fly to far off places. It has hundreds of varieties. It was used to send messages from one place to another. It is the symbol of peace and harmony. That is why dove is released at the start of Olympic Games.

          • Mmmm... O.k. We might be distant relatives, but in my opinion, doves are too classical or conventional and the new Ec mascot should make a refreshing change.
  • I think it would be a really colourful, talkative parrot that could fly around the world.

    • I think a parrot  it's an excellent idea though I love dogs, the photo you can see in my profile  is Tammy ,  she died  two years ago.She was my beautiful German Shepherd Dog. She used to be in class (I'm a private teacher :) ) and understood English & and Spanish. We miss her a lot. 

      I Vote for a colourful parrot. 

    • As long as it speaks English! :)

    • What about the RABBIT of Alice in The Wonderland?

      Yes, it would be it, Allice followed the rabbit to reveal the WONDERS, 

      so as we are doing here, following the the blogs and revealing the WONDERS of KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM.

      • Totally agree! Then, the first page would be only the rabbit with the quote "Follow the white rabbit" before the visitor enter the website :)

      • Very interesting! I love how you describe EnglishClub as a wonderland! 

        • Thank you Tara for your kind attention.

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