• I think in the future it will be a good thing. drift hunters unblocked

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  • Como voce esta Josi A? Thanks for liking that discussion. 

    • I'm doing well Salah, thank you very much, I wish you a great week, it's a pleasure to learn here! God bless all ! 🌻☀️

    • De nada linda Josi A. Welcome my respected lady. We are here to help and teach as well. Thanks again for your nice comments.

  • Very interesting Salah ,i remember that I read something about the numbers. But I didn't know that in Chinese culture 4 is not a good number.

    • Miss Josi,  it's prevalent not only in Chinese culture but also in Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese cultures. If I'm not mistaken, the same applies in Vietnam too. Because pronounciation of 4 sounds like "death." Hello, and nice to meet u.

    • Hello Steve! Thank you so much for helping me understand better about this topic. In Brazil I also read about what some authors wrote about this issue.Nice to meet you too! Peace and health !🌷

    • De nada mi amiga Josi A. Welcome!

    • xia xia Steve, wo ai steve. I hope to be one of your friends, thanks.

    • You are welcome. Don't leave me with 4 people on my list for too long. Let's make it 5! 😃

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