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Feature Changes on MyEC

Good Morning everyone! :)

I hope you all are super wonderful today and in a good health. :)

Have you noticed the edit menu on 'add a blog post', 'add a discussion' or on 'comment' box? It seems there are some changes. 

It's nice that we're now able to u

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Connection Issue

I need some assistance. When I try to connect to certain subject blogs I get a message which reads:

"Your Connection is not Private"

So, How do I make it private. I have searched "My Page" but I cannot seem how to solve the issue.

Can anybody help pleas

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Privacy settings

Hello! First of all I would like to thank all the people that spends some of their time to keep this website updated.

Second; I want to let all members (friends or not) to see my blog, but I don't want let them too se my photos, I want to hide my phot

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