• emmmmm... IE doesn't support many things since 2013. ;-)

    But good that you've solved the problem. :-))

  • HI, Mohammad, NotAClue

    I was using Internet Explorer that time, not Edge. Maybe that is the reaon, MyEC does not support IE.

    • OMG! IE is not for your daily use. Microsoft Still keeps it on Windows because it's useful for Engineers, not ordinary people!

  • Well, since you're not answering, we can assume you got trouble with all discussion. XD 
    Then this is not a bug, but has to do with your browswer or setttings. 

    Check Mohammad's suggestions or try a different browser. Disable proxies or vpn apps if this doesn't work. 

  • On PC or SmartPhone?

    Try to leave a comment on this discussion too.

    Refresh this page (Press F5) after leaving the message.

    If it didn't show up, completely Refresh this page (Press Ctrl+F5) and leave a message again.

    btw, what browser are you using?

  • Which post is it? 

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