Are you utterly bored? No worries! Here's something better to do than looking at the walls of your room:

Let's play this popular guessing game!

Here are the rules:

1. Write a list of 5 random facts about yourself, but 1 false.

2. Let other players guess your false fact, and you also try to guess the false facts of the other players.

Easy :P

So, here are my 5:

1. I hate ketchup.
2. I'm a good singer.
3. I've never seen Game of Thrones.
4. I've a tattoo.
5. My name is a compound name.

Which one is false?



... And now, you share your 5, 'cause I wanna play too! :P


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  • Hi there! Okay, some facts about me: 
    1. I love coding and learning new programming languages.
    2. I love dancing and do it every day. 
    3. I love astronomy, physics and thinking about distant galaxies. 
    4. I love clothes and have far too many. 
    5. I love cooking and creating new dishes. 

    • I'd have said the same that Opo did, but since that's not the fake one, I'd say the Nº 5 is.

    • Yeah, *SHAME ON ME* number 4 is not fake. I'm very disappointing. :-DD
      Now more disappointment is on its way... 'cause number 5 is also true. :-D

    • Then no 2

    • Noooooo, Opo. :-D Rose already tried this one. Actually there was only one option left. :-DD 
      Nice to see you here btw. :))

    • :D

    • I think number 4 is wrong. 

    • Hello, Oporazita! :) You're right, number 4 should be the fake fact... Buuuut *SHAME ON ME' it's true. You should see all the disapproving looks of my militant vegan friends. :-DDDD

    • I guess number 1.


    • Hello, Rose! :) No, sorry, number 1 is true. I'm addicted to learning new things. :)

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