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The pride of Indus river

 The Pride of Indus River







A rare species of dolphin is in the Indus River. That is the pride of Indus. According to Nazeer Virani (the guardian of Dolphins) about 200 kilometers area near Sukur Barrage, there are 30 Dolphins. In another area of the river, there are nearly 1800 to 2000. Unfortunately, these Dolphins are blind because the water of the river is so polluted that light can’t reach underwater. So, it’s impossible to see. That makes Dolphins blind. But they have adjusted themselve

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9390431667?profile=RESIZE_710x9390431490?profile=RESIZE_710x9390432259?profile=RESIZE_710x9390433065?profile=RESIZE_710xHi Everyone, I am Dimas, I am English teacher in a vocational high school in Indonesia. Due to corona virus, we are limited to do any outdoor activity, I have a program to improve my students English, I am looking for foreigners who are able to help me to share or teach English.
I will do it on zoom every Saturday, IF you are interested to be my speaker, please contact me, We provide E certificate. Today, We have speakers from England and Afganistan
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Hello dear MyEC friends,

I'm glad to see many of you sound and active on MyEC. I'm sorry for making you worry. Alhamdulillah, I'm very well now. :)

It's true that I had been through the hard day last month. But it's not really bad. I'd thought the worst thing but then I focused on the recovery. If you would like to know, here is the story.

It starts from Saturday, 17th July, 2021. I had a fever and catched a cold, fair pain. I consumed honey every morning, but in three days, no much effect. Tempera

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Silent love


Silent love





After taking a deep breath, I stood up on my toes, and dived, passing through the cool air, my fingers touched the base of the stream, then swam up back to the surface, looked here and there, no sign of the bouquet. The flow of water was fast. I dived again and swam blindly. After a while, I saw a bouquet that was far away. I had to swim carefully to avoid hitting myself with stones. I swam up back to the surface and took a deep breath. Once again, I dived and after swimming for a

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100 Stories that Shaped the World

100 Stories that shaped the World

1 Odyssey - Homer

2  Uncle Tom’s cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe

3 Frankenstein Mary Shelley

4 1984 George Orwell

5. Things Fall Apart (Chinua Achebe, 1958)

6. One Thousand and One Nights (various authors, 8th-18th Centuries)

7. Don Quixote (Miguel de Cervantes, 1605-1615)

8. Hamlet (William Shakespeare, 1603)

9. One Hundred Years of Solitude (Gabriel García Márquez, 1967)

10. The Iliad (Homer, 8th Century BC)

11. Beloved (Toni Morrison, 1987)

12. The Divine Comedy (Dante Aligh

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Beauty of Pakistan



Beauty of Kohsar



I was on vacations and all my cousins visited our home. After dinner, we sat all together. Suddenly one of my cousins Ahmed asked Farhan, ' Where did you go in your last vacations?'

We went to a wonderland by plane from Rawalpindi to Gilgit. After a one-night stay, we left for Hunza. All the views were very marvelous. When we reached Karimabad passing through the Dour, there was a magnificent scene. The most beautiful of the peak of Raka Posh was in front of us.               

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    Sometimes people tend to give a judgement or believe in things related to some of the world big and rich culture . Just like that giving a false generalization according to one thought known about them . I have call it stereotype culture . We related many nations around the globe to one single form of act , food or manners in the same way we do with individuals.
Here we go to our comfort zone for a quick judgement , while we need more to judge and a lot of evidence .
       I was in the cha

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Seawater evaporates and becomes vapor. It is cooled in the sky and becomes clouds. Clouds make rain and it falls down on the ground and sea. Water circulates like this.

Herbivorous animals eat plants and carnivorous animals eat herbivorous animals. They die in due time and their dead bodies become nutrition for plants. Life also circulates like this.

People work and get money. They buy things and services from companies. Companies get a profit from customers and distribute the profit to their work

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Heat of love

The train is moving fast.

The heat of love increases.

Try to be happy in your love.

If that love is too much for you, do not surrender

your heart to the days' behaviors.

Because the train is moving fast.

Love exists in the world, from eons past.

Stars twinkle at night, and darkness likes light.  

birds love each other,   

There is a beautiful song in the garden,

 Our nightly encounters were nice.

gentle and peaceful whispers.

That train is still moving fast.

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Building on my last blog post, which was 7 years ago, what book, especially fiction,  from your native country or territory would you recommend to me?  

Most of you will be English learners so you will be recommneding to me books written by non-native English authors.  

I have the list of books compiled in the Reading the World blog but those are books she selected.  This way I can get books you suggest giving my reading list a different feel from hers.

And I am interested in modern authors more th

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Fighting the Laziness

09.00: After busy morning, the laziness started coming in.

Tidying up all things and checking some social media notifications have done. What else? I have online work, but okay, I'm just freelancer, this made me feel more relaxed and do procrastination. Stttt, don't tell my boss! DD.

The news of covid-19 in my country is absolutely horrible. Day by day, people die and die, die more, the closer ones .... :(( This is like a bomb which we don't know where it will fall. :|. Old, young, or child ones,

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I`m returning!


I have not been active here for several months. This is mainly due to the fact that I moved to another city and settled down here. I constantly have new plans reborn, how to help others and myself in learning English, and I constantly do not have enough time to start realizing them with high quality.
This evening  I was doing a task that sounds like this: Write a short but exciting story, beginning with the phrase "Jack was asleep in the chair, dreaming, when the phone rang ". I bring my ess

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A cozy place at home...


Home is a place where we almost feel safe, delighted, relaxed and comfortable. And every home has a cozy place which is extremely special to us, provides the warmth of protection, a pleasant feeling always whenever we sit there. If I talk about my private place at home then it's the open space outside my room where I can stay for hours without seeking any company. The grace of the sky is noticeable apparently from there and it seems that the sky has opened its arm like a mother whenever u need

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hi hello

Hello back, after an absence, I got sick a little, and I promised you with all my strength :×)
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2021-09 : A new beginning...


oh well... I just finished my previous notebook.  Should I do the flip-through, but then again I am better not.  My handwriting is ugly..  (>_<)

This June,  I open a new one. 

I got an extra notebook for the previous year.  No need to buy a new one. 


Fizzy @ on Lockdown (WFH)



music mode :  Jason Donovan - If I Dont Have You




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Hey everyone. I've been learning English for more than 15 years and I still want to improve and sound as natural as possible. The goal when we are learning English is to be fluent, accurate, and communicatively effective. And important part of delivery a good speech is to have a good pronunciation. I can tell that having a clear pronunciation is one of the most challenging parts of learning English. Besides, English pronunciation compare with other languages is a bit more complicated, having int

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