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  • Zahra, yes, Ok, I'll forgive you :P

    Muskan! haha... That's why I like you: you're smart! XD


  •  Don't fight with Mary!! 

  • Think about who you're!


    Accepted as a four-words sentence??? :D

  • Hola Estanis!
    You are a bird of bad omen, or as we say: 'pájaro de mal agüero' :P

    I like that one about avoiding problems. And also know a good book about it:


    Rosemary :)
    Hey, you broke the rule of the '4 words of less'... Or maybe you just forgot to add the 5th advice: 5/ Screw rules! :D

    Thanks! ^_^


  • don't misunderstand me :D

  • Hello, How are you?

  •  NEVER change. :)

  • Wear gloves.

    Image result for sinister laugh

  •    Here is mine  :

        1 / Be positive 

        2/  take care of your mental and physical health.  

        3/ avoid  toxic  people 

         4/ make  reading  a daily ritual 

  • Focus on the positive.

    Give never up hope.

    Believe in your strengths.

    Honor and enjoy life.

    If possible, avoid trouble.

    Keep your dignity.

    Fight for your rights.

    Be proud of yourself.

    Live and let live.

    Learn to say NO.

    Be sometimes selfish.

    Don't lose yourself.

    Stay as you are.

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