You reap what you sow

America is the leader in Coronavirus fatalities as of today. About 3 million cases worldwide with over 200,000 deaths, the USA alone has about 1 million total cases with more than 50,000 deaths.

And the reports coming out gradually reveals that the US government has been funding their tax payer’s money in the virology study in Wuhan lab on bat transmitted Coronavirus to humans. “It’s from us that is upon us”. When citizens believe viruses are caused by eating bat and monkey meat, then our politicians are never held accountable.

Watch this video that came out recently. In the coming months, we will know more of what actually has happened.

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  • @Rosemary: Thanks for dropping by.

    There are facts about the origins of this virus:
    (1) This virus came out of Wuhan, China.
    (2) There is a lab in that city that has been working on Coronavirus from before this spread, Coincidence? Maybe.
    (3) The US government has been working with this lab (and funding them) on Coronavirus transmission from bats to humans; the very same virus that has been spread around the world.
    (4) There are reports that the US government had concerns about the security measures in this lab a few months before this pandemic.
    (5) Still, there is a slim possibility that all of these are unlucky coincidences and the consumption of meat and blood of bats from wet markets was the source, unlikely though the more we go through this pandemic.

    It looks like to me that your life has not much been affected by this virus apart from having to exercise social distancing.

    Please understand that:

    (1) Millions of people around the world have lost their jobs and families are struggling in putting food on the table. We’ll see more people are affected as their savings end up.
    (2) Many companies and corporates around the world have closed their businesses or reduced their operations extensively. The economy is very uncertain in all countries.
    (3) Many lives have been lost. In my city alone (Toronto) more than 600 people have died in Long Term Care homes and families like myself are praying every day for their loved ones to be spared from this disease. There are Nursing Homes whose residents are dying from dehydration and hunger because most of the staff have got the disease and are isolating themselves at home and there is nobody to take care of the residents.
    (4) All restaurants, bars, sports events, religious gatherings and anything that requires people to be close to each other have gone instinct.
    (5) The list is too long and you know of it, no need for me to mention.

    When this pandemic is over, we will deal with the Chinese government. They must learn to be responsible by paying high costs for what they caused to humanity. There won’t be another Made in China Virus, promise.

    Enjoy your day.



    •   I do agree with all your explanation   and  I can't hide my fears as well  . May Allah  help us all to pass  this pandemic  . It is just there are many  opinion  about what is going around   . 

    • Thanks...In the coming weeks and months, you will hear this voice louder and louder..As of now, the Governor of Missouri has filed a lawsuit against the Chinese government. A group of lawyers in Africa has sued China for 200 billion USD. A few individuals in my city have retained lawyers in filing lawsuits against the Chinese government. Our Prime Minister said a few weeks ago that when the time comes, we will hold those responsible for this pandemic accountable for their actions.

      As time passes, this voice will become louder and louder. My biggest hope is Donald Trump. For now, he is busy with his election campaign, and I'm certain by the end of the year he will deal with China appropriatly. We must all support this movement.


  • If chiness did not eat any kind of meats people would not  killed

  •   Well , there are many allegations about the virus and wether it's a human made or if it is a natural mutation  . Every one has his own proofs and evidence  . People who claim this was made have their own proofs and others who say it is natural have also their logical proofs  . We aren't expertise  to know the truth  . This whole matter  need an international  investigation  by biologist,  doctors and other people  . We can't  take videos  or papers  spread here and there as a source  of truth  about the Corona virus  .  However  , we are facing a horrible  pandemic  spreading and killing  people in an eye blink and we should do or best to face it  . 

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