You are my Inspiring..."

My dear... beloved students...thank you so much for everything... ", Now miss. Rini comes here on EC to share and to learn everything and doing the best thing for yours. You are my inspiration...and dear teacher friend too,...I got the best thing in SMK BTB....I felt comfortable doing my job there,... it's all about my beloved school and salary is not important for a teacher,..has good teacher friends also has kind students likes yours it is a enough for me to live in the world...As long as I can I 'll help you unlimited times to study together...don't call me a teacher, plz called me friend ..(*_*).my dearest students....."Miss you alot..and where are you know"......?? for: technical engine class congratulation you got the second winner expecially,...for autobody repair competition " "(*_*)hi...guys on EC it's the tales "about me and my beloved students, life was happy with us..... so..."what is the important thing rule about our inspiring"?....."if you gonna be yourself maybe you will find the best answered..(*_*)
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  • Hello teacher RIni,

    You are so wonderful teacher...You have a concern and care for your students...So nice of you to think that they also serve as inspiration to you...I think your students are so lucky to have you....They won't forget you forever in their lives...

  • dear Tara a good writer thank you so much.. about your comment " promise try to be a good writer likes you,....(have a nice day dear Tara).
  • Nice blog! I'm glad you are a good friend to your students.
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