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LIFE IS WORTH LIVING by Justin Bieber (Cover by ME & Vonte Moon ) 

COLD WATER by JUSTIN BIEBER (Collaborated with Me) 

LOVE YOURSELF by Justin Bieber (Collab by ME)

Years Without You

(Years Without You was an original creation by:


An instant Poem that can be a song

I never thought I can,

Moving On after years without seeing you

nor asking a supports from you.

I did it for us not for me.

What's the purpose of living together

if both were not happy or no respect at all?

I am better without you,

Not so well off but free.

Sometimes I can't imagine

How did I passed all through,

A couple of years of 2-5 without you.

When you say go away I'm better without you

I want to shout how dare you.

The time I leave you , I felt I was out in a box

The thorns were gone, as  well as

the needles pinning off my mind.

To be honest , you robbed me from someone 

better than you, I never thought you can do

things that I saw after we've been together.

I am better knowing a gangster then change for a better,

than knowing a simple lover, becoming a monster.


Years without you was devastating, 

It's like a rain that drops inside my lungs

At first it's hard to breathe & shortens my tongue

I feel drowning in my own tears & keep asking? 

Why...... me , it's humiliating but i'm accepting

that through this year's I'm going to get better. 

It's not easy, but I am over. 

to be continue....................................

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The Real Singer & Composer of this beautiful song for you to reflect my dear EC Clubbers.

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  • @ Jack Sparrow thanks...please teach me the games I did registered under you.

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  • wow! wonderful ,)

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    my skype id is hasanrio3

    pls call me. if you are interested

  • Any suggestions I am going to put a little rap or no?

  •  RK & Camel thanks for the appreciation.

  • nice one, your express the way I like it... :))


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  • Thanks  Bill Vortz you can check also our collab @ Smule

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  • This is a great masterpiece, sometimes it is prerequisite to be in your own company and  ina loner to off-load emotional baggage collected in the outside world, to ground yourself and reconnect, to recharge and create. Brilliant emotionally deep piece, keep tossing the right words. :)

  • @ Serene  no i'm not thinking of him I gave him to someone else , after he told me that his happy right now. I am after his happiness.

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