Yabcooka/ Arabic diphthong and synonyms

Once upon a time, there was an unjust Arab king. He had a hunchback. He did not want anyone to call him a hunchbacked man, if anyone dared,  he would be headed. His people did not dare to call him so. One man said that he would call him a hunchback man. The people told him to be wise and not to do so. The king would kill him. He told them to watch and listen to him. The next day, he went up to the king. He greeted the king and said, "you are our king. We will always honor you and respect you. If you die,  the people of the north 'yabcooka' and the people of the south 'yabcooka'. The people of the east 'yabcooka' and the people of the west 'yabcooka'." The people were astonished and they imagined that the king would chop his head off. Instead, the king  was happy and ordered the man to  be given a big reward. What was the secret about that?

Now, let's go back to the definition of the Arabic word, yabcooka. It comes from the original verb, 'yabki' (cry). Yabcooka, if it is interpreted to English, it becomes a complete sentence, containing the subject, the verb and the object. It  means; cry for you. As the matter of fact, there was a diphthong here. But when you divide that verb into these words, it becomes yab- cooka which means the hunchbacked. now let's define each word. Yab = short for 'ya' ' abo' which means a nickname or rather the father of someone. The words 'ya' and 'abo' were joined in the first three words of the verb 'yabcooka' to make one syllable to form one speech sound. It's kind of intriguing . In fact, the man was calling the king the hunchback man each time he was addressing him. The king was proud, he thought that at the time of his death many people would cry for him.



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